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Periodontitis, symptoms and Treatment

Now, periodontitis is a gum infection that leads to a buildup of gingival crevicular fluid, gum disease, alveolar bone loss, and attachment loss to teeth, meaning they will fall out. There are severe cases that do require a specific treatment. It is a very common oral health problem, but it is preventable. You eliminate the risk of this through oral hygiene and going to the dentist.

Now, there are three types of this, one of them being chronic which is the plaque buildup, the aggressive kind, which is hereditary and rapid loss of bone if untreated, and necrotizing, which is where the death of the gums, ligaments, and bones happen, and it is linked to a suppressed immune system from various problems. You should talk to your dentist about this, and you should find out the best way to combat this with your Kennewick dentist.

Now, chronic periodontitis is a common form, with redness and swelling. When untreated, it leads to the loss of bone and soft tissue, with the gums pulling back and the teeth falling out. This is caused by poor oral hygiene, eating sugary and starchy foods without any brushing or treatment, and not seeing the dentist. If you neglect your oral health, the plaque does hard, and the remains are on your teeth. While the tartar is only removed by a dental professional, the plaque can be removed by yourself. The buildup of this causes gingivitis, which is the irritation and the inflammation of the gums. If you do go to the dentist to get it treated, then you’ll be able to quell this. However, if left untreated, it leads to periodontitis. When this happens, the pockets are filled with plaque tartar and bacteria. This then gets filled even more, which damages the soft tissue and the bone. The teeth will then fall out, and it actually puts a huge strain on the immune system, which puts you at risk for more problems. Typically, if your gums are puffy, a bright, dusky, or a purplish red, or your gums are tender, then you should definitely consider this factor in looking into what is going on with this. You also might notice that you have bad breath, a pain when chewing, space between your teeth, pus between the teeth and gums, and along with loosened teeth and even problems with how the teeth fit together.

Now, some people have this genetically, but often, there are a few risk factors associated with it. bad gum health and oral hygiene are the biggest parts of this. But, if you smoke and chew tobacco, you’re increasing the risk for this. Hormonal changes, along with age and personal circumstances, cause this too. Sometimes, birth control does this too. Abusing substances and not getting enough nutrition causes this. Obesity does too, since often your nutrition isn’t considered in many cases.

Now, the best way to treat this is to go to the dentist. You’ll be give an antiseptic mouthwash that you’ll use to combat the bacteria that are there. You also will get a scaling, which is a super deep teeth cleaning, where the hygienist will get away the plaque and the tartar, and from there, they will polish the teeth in the same manner. Now, in severe cases, you might also be given a prescription antibiotic. These are typically a shorter course, about they do have side effects, so tell your dentist about that. You will then go in to see the dentist a to more so that they can monitor this and do something about this.

Periodontitis isn’t a joke, and it can be painful, but if you start to take care of this, and you do something about this, it can help save your teeth. Your oral health matters, and you should see your Kennewick dentist for some extra help on how to combat these sorts of problems. It could make a huge difference in your mouth, and it helps to prevent a whole slew of other complications from happening, which in turn will make it easier. This is a big problem, and you should get it fixed right away before it’s too late to.

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